Frequently Asked Questions

What is Viafly?

Viafly is an online marketplace connecting local retailers with city shoppers. We allow shoppers to browse, search, and reserve items from stores in their neighborhood – ultimately helping shoppers save time and helping stores connect with new demand. Whether you’re sitting in your apartment, at the office, or on the move, we allow you to explore the best products your city has to offer. Find something you like? Place a pickup order on Viafly and your product will be ready ASAP.

How does it work?

Shoppers search Viafly for products, add the ones they want to their bag and reserve them with a single click. The shopper receives an order confirmation that includes GoogleMaps link with directions to the store. The store associates use the Viafly dashboard to obtain order information and prepare the products for pickup. Stores can also opt-in for a phone call to alert them when orders come in to ensure that they don’t miss any dashboard orders.

How easy is it to use?

After the initial setup, it just takes a few clicks to confirm orders. Our team will work closely with you through onboarding.

How much does it cost?

Right now Viafly is free of charge for both our partner stores and shoppers.

Do shoppers make payment through Viafly?

Viafly can be used exclusively for shoppers to reserve the items they want. The payment still happens in your store and comes directly from the shopper. In the future, Viafly will be set up to allow shoppers the option of making payment right in the app.

How long do product reservations last for?

Shoppers specify a pickup window and the reservation will last until the end of that business day.

What makes Viafly different?

We work with an intense emphasis on both the user experience and the underlying technology. We’ve carefully examined the shopper journey and are building innovative ways to reduce friction to maximize the number of transactions and maintain shopper engagement even when transactions aren’t happening. We’re also focused on building a robust backend that always provides accurate, real-time inventory information.

What cities are Viafly in?

Viafly is currently only operating in NYC but building relationship with retailers in other major US cities.